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Did you know,

that when tiredness is combined with other risk factors such as alcohol, the risk of an accident increases enormously?


The result of four years of intensive research

Four years of ongoing research led to the Anti Sleep Pilot®. The patented algorithm inside Anti Sleep Pilot® is developed in close cooperation with leading sleep scientists, designers, mathematicians, and road traffic and electronics engineers.

Documented risk

Research has identified a total of 26 factors of significance related to your driver fatigue level. These factors can be divided into three categories:

  1. Your risk profile: calculated once and set before you use your Anti Sleep Pilot® for the first time
  2. Your status: describes how tired you are before you start driving
  3. Your driving data: Anti Sleep Pilot® automatically records using sensors and a high-precision clock

Driving-fatigue level

How and when?
1. Individual risk profile
  • ·  Age
  • ·  Gender
  • ·  (...12 factors total)
  • ·  Set by the driver
       before the first drive
2. Current fatigue level before the drive
  • ·  Medicine/alcohol intake
  • ·  Hours awake
  • ·  Sleep the last 2-3 days
  • ·  (8 factors total)
  • ·  Set by the driver
       before the first drive
3. Drive data
  • ·  Time since break
  • ·  Time of day
  • ·  (6 factors total)
  • ·  Automatically
       registered by
       in Anti Sleep Pilot®
        during a drive

As you drive, the Anti Sleep Pilot® algorithm constantly calculates your driving fatigue level on the basis of all inputs and provides the necessary alertness maintenance tests and break recommendations.

The basis for the algorithm and design is well documented. We have carried out an intensive review of the most cutting edge scientific research in the field of sleep and road traffic and built up a database that includes hundreds of articles, surveys and reports.