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How it works

The only well-documented solution to driver fatigue is to take a break. It is difficult to assess for ourselves when we reach that point when driving. The Anti Sleep Pilot® continuously calculates your fatigue level, maintains your alertness through simple tests and recommends taking a preventative break before your fatigue level becomes critical.

Calculates your fatigue level

While driving the Anti Sleep Pilot® continuously calculates your fatigue level and keeps you informed of this via the display. The calculation is based on 1) your personal risk profile, which is determined by completing a short questionnaire, 2) your fatigue status before the trip and 3) data from your driving that Anti Sleep Pilot® automatically registers via built-in sensors. In total, 26 scientifically identified factors are used.

Maintains your alertness

Anti Sleep Pilot® maintains your alertness using simple alertness maintaining tests. You will receive alertness maintaining tests at 10 to 25 minute intervals depending on your risk profile and fatigue status. Your reaction time is registered once you touch the top of the Anti Sleep Pilot®. Anti Sleep Pilot® records your reaction times and includes these in the calculation of your fatigue level.

Recommends a break

A break of just ten minutes can make all the difference. When your fatigue level begins to reach a critical point the Anti Sleep Pilot® uses both audible and visual signals to let you know it's time to take a break. A subtle light and sound indication is given when it is safe to continue driving.

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