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that the risk of accidents when driving when tired varies over the day, and is greatest at night and late in the afternoon?

App Support

If you have questions regarding the Anti Sleep Pilot® App you can find help in two locations:

  1. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions in our FAQ sheet (see below).
  2. You are always welcome to contact us at Anti Sleep Pilot®. Contact us here.
  • Alertness maintaining test (AMT)
  • Sounds are played when I’ve reacted to an alertness maintaining test (AMT). What do these mean?
    • If Anti Sleep Pilot plays one short note then you have passed the test. Anti Sleep Pilot will play two short, low notes if you react too slowly to an AMT, or if you fail to react at all. Anti Sleep Pilot will issue additional AMTs at two-minute intervals until you have passed two consecutive tests. If you react too slowly to four consecutive AMTs, Anti Sleep Pilot will recommend that you take a break.

  • What happens if I don’t react to an alertness maintaining test (AMT)?
    • You may experience driving situations in which you find it impossible to react safely within the two-second limit. Anti Sleep Pilot will administer another test two minutes after failing an AMT to verify your reaction time. If you fail to pass four consecutive AMTs, Anti Sleep Pilot will recommend that you take a break.

  • Why does Anti Sleep Pilot show an alertness maintaining test on the screen, but not emit a sound?
    • All Anti Sleep Pilot sounds can be muted and when this is done no sound will emit. If you want Anti Sleep Pilot to emit sound, turn the volume up or turn mute off using the switches on the side of your iPhone

  • When I react to an alertness maintaining test (AMT), a number appears above the button. What does this mean?
    • When you react to an AMT, Anti Sleep Pilot monitors your reaction time and uses this as a parameter in its algorithm. The number that appears above the button after an AMT is your reaction time. You must react within two seconds in order to pass the test.

  • Break situations
  • What happens if I start driving during a recommended break?
    • If you start driving before completing the recommended break, Anti Sleep Pilot will indicate this by emitting a sound. If you choose to continue driving, your driver fatigue level will not be reset because Anti Sleep Pilot will not consider your stop a completed break. A new break recommendation will be issued shortly after you resume driving. In order to ignore the break recommendation you must reset the current trip data (MENU > DRIVER > RESET CURRENT TRIP DATA).

  • What happens if I take a longer break than recommended?
    • Any break longer than 10 minutes has no additional effect on Anti Sleep Pilot. When you resume driving (within an eight hour period), Anti Sleep Pilot will continue to monitor your driver fatigue level based on your most current settings.

  • Why doesn't Anti Sleep Pilot show that my trip continues after a break?
    • Anti Sleep Pilot assumes that if you have not used the application (it has been closed or on standby) within 60 minutes you are commencing a new trip.

  • What does MAX DRIVE mean?
    • The MAX DRIVE signal on the primary driving screen means you have reached your maximum daily driving limit. If possible, you should change drivers or take a break of at least eight hours before continuing to drive. In order to ignore this warning you may reset the trip data (MENU -> DRIVER > RESET CURRENT TRIP DATA).

  • Interaction with other apps
  • What happens if I use my iPhone as I drive?
    • Anti Sleep Pilot will continue to run in the background and monitor driving during your call, but any rise in fatigue level, alertness maintenance tests and/or break recommendations will not be displayed for the first 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, Anti Sleep Pilot will notify you when it needs to be reactivated. If you fail to reactivate Anti Sleep Pilot, the application will terminate. The iPhone is unable to record GPS data during a call, so this part of your trip will not appear on the map.

  • Why does the music I have chosen stop when Anti Sleep Pilot emits a sound?
    • If you are using a streaming music player (e.g. Simplify Media or the music will be stopped when using Anti Sleep Pilot. You can simutaneously use the iPhone's built-in iPod or the music player with Anti Sleep Pilot.

  • Risk profile and fatigue status
  • What’s the difference between the risk profile and fatigue status? And, why do I need to set these?
    • Your individualized risk profile indicates how likely you are to experience fatigue during a drive. This is set when you set up a new driver on Anti Sleep Pilot (MENU > DRIVER > ADD DRIVER). It is possible to edit your personal risk profile if your circumstances change.
      How rapidly your driver fatigue increases depends, not only on your risk profile, but on your lifestyle and sleep patterns over the past couple of days, and it can even change within hours. So it is very important that you evaluate your current fatigue status before each drive (MENU > FATIGUE STATUS).
      Your individualized risk profile and current fatigue status are very important factors for calculating your driver fatigue level and making sure you are offered appropriate break recommendations and alertness maintaining tests (AMTs).

  • What do I do if I accidentally set my fatigue status too high?
    • You can always readjust your current fatigue status level (MENU > FATIGUE STATUS).

  • Can I indicate that I've had a really good rest?
    • Anti Sleep Pilot assumes you are completely rested if you do not readjust your fatigue status, so there is no need to inform Anti Sleep Pilot that you have had an exceptionally good rest.

  • Set up and operation
  • How do I change drivers?
    • It is important for the new driver to create a personal risk profile in the driver menu (MENU > DRIVER > ADD DRIVER). Once this has been done, the new driver must set his/her current fatigue status. Setting a new driver profile will not automatically reset the trip data. You can reset the trip data  (MENU -> DRIVER > RESET CURRENT TRIP DATA) if you want to make sure that data from previous drivers will not affect the new driver.

  • Anti Sleep Pilot is using an unfamiliar measurement system, can I change this?
    • Yes, you can switch between imperial (miles) and metric (kilometers) systems of measurement (MENU > SETTINGS).

  • Why do I see 24 H clock values when I'm using AM/PM?
    • The application in version 1.0 can only present 24 H time - it does not influence the functionality if you use AM/PM. AM/PM will be included in next App update.

  • How do I reset Anti Sleep Pilot?
    • The trip data can be reset in the driver menu (MENU > DRIVER > RESET CURRENT TRIP DATA).

  • How do I view the time, GPS signal strength, battery level, etc.?
    • Touch the main driving screen to display the normal iPhone top bar for a few seconds.

  • Why does by battery faster than normal?
    • Anti Sleep Pilot uses the iPhones GPS which will deplete the battery time. We recommend you connect the iPhone to your cars power supply.

  • Why is Anti Sleep Pilot not switching into drive mode?
    • There may be four reasons for this:

      • Anti Sleep Pilot is not receiving a GPS signal. Make sure the iPhone is positioned close to a window. In some cases you may have to wait up to 10 minutes to receive a signal.
      • You have chosen not to use Location Services in Anti Sleep Pilot. You can undo this in your iPhones setup by going into Settings, General and select Location Services. You need to select ON for both Location Services in general and AntiSleepPilot.
      • You have not yet reached a speed of 10 km/h (6 mph), the starting speed for which Anti Sleep Pilot begins drive mode.
      • Your iPhone has a faulty GPS chip.
  • What happens if I loose the GPS signal?
    • In the case that you loose the GPS signal, Anti Sleep Pilot will use your iPhone's accelerometer to determine whether or not you are still driving.

  • What happens if I close down Anti Sleep Pilot?
    • There may be several reasons for closing down Anti Sleep Pilot: to make a call, start another application, start your iPod, etc.

      Anti Sleep Pilot will continue to run in the background and monitor driving during your call. When you reactivate Anti Sleep Pilot will continue as if nothing had occured. Anti Sleep Pilot will notify you when it needs to be reactivated. If you fail to reactivate Anti Sleep Pilot, the application will terminate.

  • What should I do if I don’t want to pay for data roaming?
    • In some situations using a mobile network to download data for the map display can be costly (e.g., if you are in a foreign country). You can turn the map display off (MENU > SETTINGS). Remember to turn it back on when you wish to use maps again.

  • What does the circle on the map mean?
    • The circle represents an approximate driving distance until the next break, calculated using your actual driving data and is based on recent average speed measurements. The circle serves as an approximation.

  • Special driving situations
  • Why does Anti Sleep Pilot switch to drive while I'm taking a break?
    • If the vehicle is moving e.g. on a ferry or car train, Anti Sleep Pilot will think you are still driving.

      If you are taking a break, you can force Anti Sleep Pilot to go into break mode (MENU > MANUAL OVERRIDE > FORCE INTO BREAK: ON).

  • Why does Anti Sleep Pilot switch to break mode while I’m driving?
    • If you drive at less than 10 km/h (6 mph) for more than 60 seconds e.g. in a queue or at a stoplight Anti Sleep Pilot will think you are taking a break.

      You can always force Anti Sleep Pilot to continue in drive mode (MENU > MANUAL OVERRIDE > FORCE INTO DRIVE: ON).

      When you begin moving again Anti Sleep Pilot will automatically terminate the special mode.

  • How does Anti Sleep Pilot handle driving in tunnels and other covered areas?
    • Anti Sleep Pilot makes use of the accelerometer if it looses GPS connection for a short duration. The accelerometer will ensure that driving is still recorded during these situations. However Anti Sleep Pilot will not be able to detect the start a trip if you are in a covered area. You can use 'Force Into Drive' (see above) or wait for the application to catch a signal when you are out in the open.