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Did you know,

that compared with women, men are twice as likely to fall asleep when driving?
(Source: National Sleep Foundation’s 2002 Sleep in America poll)

Find your risk profile with these 12 questions

Everyone is different, including when it comes to the risk of feeling tired when driving. People can be divided into eight different risk profiles on the basis of the most important factors.

By answering these 12 simple questions the system will calculate your personal risk profile. When you have completed the test, you will be given your personal riskprofile, its implications for you and driving recommendations based on your answers in the test.

Your profile is used as one of many inputs used by the Anti Sleep Pilot® to constantly calculate your fatigue level.



What kind of driving do you do, for the most part?

In a typical working week, how many hours do you work?

What is your Body Mass Index?

At what time of day do you usually work?

On average, how many hours a night do you sleep?

How many traffic accidents have you had over the last five years in which your own driving fatigue had a determining factor?

Do you suffer from untreated sleep problems (such as poor/interrupted sleep)?

Over the last year, have you felt you have driven when you have felt inexcusably tired?

What are the chances of you dozing off when you are travelling as a passenger in a car, watching TV, just after lunch or in any similar situation?

Have you given birth in the last six months?

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