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Anti Sleep Pilot®

Driving while tired is a lethal combination causing 20% of all traffic accidents. The Anti Sleep Pilot calculates driver fatigue and can reduce the risk of fatigue-related accidents.

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We are on a continuous mission to improve our products. Get an overview of our current research and sign up to participate.

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Test yourself

Are you aware of your own risk? Test how predisposed you are towards driver fatigue.

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Washington Post

Teen deaths in car crashes climb

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CNN Health

Driving drowsy as dangerous as driving drunk, studies show

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AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety

One out of Three Drivers Admit to Drowsy Driving in Last Month

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Time Magazine online

New Auto Technology Can Tell When You're 'Driving While Drowsy

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T3 - The Gadget Website

90 Gadgets you can't live without

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BBC Radio 2 interview

Interview with Troels M. Palshof on the BBC Radio 2 Simon Mayo Drivetime show.

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Road Safety Authority

DRIVER FATIGUE - Wake up to it!

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This App May Save Your Life

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Anti Sleep Pilot - Press Invite for IFA Berlin

Following the recent successful launch of Anti Sleep Pilot in the UK and Belgium, ASP is now ready to launch across the rest of Europe

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CBS Miami

High Tech Apps Can Keep You Alert On The Road

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Fighting driver fatigue

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Daily News

No more falling asleep at the wheel: New iPhone app, the Anti Sleep Pilot, fights driver fatigue

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Simpler Antidote for Heavy Eyelids
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A Clever and Potentially Life-Saving little Beeper
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iPhone App

iPhone App

Anti Sleep Pilot® App takes you and your current driving situation as its starting point. The app is based on the same scientific research as the physical product. Read more »


Did you know,

that in the state of New Jersey in the USA, you can be sentenced to up to ten years in prison if you cause a fatal accident and have not slept over the past 24 hours?