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Fatigue can be fatal on the road

  • 20% of all road accidents is caused by fatigue
  • 60% of all drivers have driven while fatigued
  • All drivers are at risk of experiencing driver fatigue
It can be compared to driving under the influence of alcohol. But not many people know that driving while drowsy is every bit as irresponsible and dangerous as drunk driving.

What you should know

Driver fatigue can be compared to driving under the influence of alchohol. However, very few acknowlege that it is just as dangerous and irreponsible.
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What can you do?

Research show that a 10 minute break at the right time can make all the difference.
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Test yourself

Everyone is different - also when it comes to the risk of experiencing driver fatigue. Take the test and see your own risk profile.
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Media focus

The media, social media, companies, organisations, etc. all have driver fatigue on the agendas.
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