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February 2011 - Drowsy Driving Dangers

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November 2010 - Drowsy driving dilemma

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CBS 60 Minutes

June 2008 - The Science of Sleep

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Driver fatigue in the media

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Organizations focusing on the issue (US)

An independent organisation under the National Sleep Foundation dedicated to combating drowsy driving in the USA. collates knowledge, drafts reports and creates educational materials and national campaigns, including Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. A very extensive website containing facts and good recommendations.

Akilla® (NZ)

A private organisation, the purpose of which is to pass on knowledge about driving fatigue and hence to help reduce the number of accidents caused by driving when tired. The founder of Akilla® lost his father in an accident involving someone driving when tired in 2003.


The American Automobile Association is a private member organisation that provides a broad range of services, e.g. roadside car service, travel services, etc. AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is a not-for-profit educational and research organisation whose mission is to identify traffic safety problems, foster research, inform and educate. Since 1999, the AAA Foundation has focused on the impact of drowsy driving and released a major report November 2010 showing that drowsy driving is a bigger problem than currently perceived.

National Sleep Foundation (US)

The purpose of this scientific-based, non-profit charity is to provide information on the importance of getting enough sleep and the advantages of maintaining a healthy sleep rhythm so as to enhance the quality of life and improve safety among the population.

Department for Transport (UK)

The British Department for Transport is behind the information campaign THINK!, that provides information on driving fatigue, among other things. One of the main purposes of this campaign is to reduce road traffic accidents by changing behaviour and attitudes among drivers.

Arrive Alive (ZA)

This organisation provides information on road traffic safety-- from what motorists can do, car-related information and general advice to press coverage and information and statistics. Arrive Alive is also behind the Stay Alert – Stay Alive campaign that was highly publicised during the World Cup in 2010. Check out their blog about road traffic safety.


There are hundreds of reports and scientific articles in our database that discuss sleep and driving. Many of them can be found on the websites linked above. We feel three reports are particularly relevant:


Asleep at the Wheel: The Prevalence and Impact of Drowsy Driving (AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 2010)  »

Fatigue (European Commission, 2009)  »

Advanced Driver Fatigue Research (U.S. Department of Transportation, 2007  »


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