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Did you know,

that in the USA, there is so much emphasis on driving when tired that a "Drowsy Driving Prevention Week" is held in Florida every year?


Taking the right break can make all the difference

The only proven solution to driving fatigue is to take a break before you reach a critical fatigue level. To drive safely, you should schedule regular breaks and pay close attention to your body's cues while driving. You can also invest in a fatigue-preventive security product.

There are a number of signals that indicate that you are getting tired. Generally, you will start to yawn or rub your eyes. But the onset of driver fatigue can also manifest itself in your thoughts wandering, your reactions becoming slower or you forgetting the last few kilometers you have driven. If you notice one or more of these cues, you must take a break as soon as possible or swap driving duties with another person, no matter how long you have been behind the wheel.

Take breaks before you become too tired 

Unfortunately, surveys show that most motorists are unable to assess for themselves when they are suffering from driver fatigue. They realise this only a little while later, once their driving fatigue has reached a level that makes it dangerous for them to drive.

There are many crazy notions on how to keep yourself alert: opening a window, listening to loud music, smacking yourself in the face, and so on. Unfortunately, none of these work.

On the other hand, surveys show that taking a break of 10-20 minutes increases your alertness thereby helping to reduce the risk of accidents caused by driving when tired.

It is a good idea to plan regular breaks before you set off on a drive. This will also help you to avoid stressful breaks that make you feel you will arrive late.

The best break 

If you feel tired, you have to determine what is causing it. If you have slept poorly or not gotten enough sleep, you can consume caffeinated drinks such as coffee – and ideally combine this with a power nap of up to 20 minutes. This combination is ideal as it takes a little time before for the caffeine kicks in.

If you feel that your fatigue is caused by the sheer monotony of driving, the best thing to do is get some fresh air and stretch your legs. Caffeine does not have any immediate effect on this type of tiredness.

Buy a technical aid 

Passive safety products 

There are a number of safety systems nowadays that monitor you, your car and your driving. These can be referred to as passive safety systems because they are used to warn you if you are driving badly due to driving when tired. For instance, they will warn you if you stray into opposing traffic, drive too closely to the car in front or pass onto the rumble strip. Passive safety systems are often quite expensive options.

A preventive safety product 

The Anti Sleep Pilot® is a new Danish safety product which can help you to avoid ending up in critical situations. This is an active safety system that constantly monitors your driving fatigue level and recommends that you take a break before you end up so tired that you put yourself and others at risk. Find out more here.