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Did you know,

that a tired motorist is up to eight times more likely to have an accident than a motorist who is well rested?
(Source: British Medical Journal, 2002)


User friendly Danish design 

The Anti Sleep Pilot® is designed with the user in mind. The product is discreet and fits perfectly in the interior of just about all makes and models. The Anti Sleep Pilot® is easy to use and a simple way to be a safer driver, no matter where you go.


The Anti Sleep Pilot® is based on a series of technological innovations that gives you the best possible user experience and safety on the road.


  • Accelerometer – registers the movements of the car which are used to calculate driving times and break recommendations

  • High-precision clock – measures driving and reaction times and keeps track of the various risk intervals for the day; these are all factors used to calculate the driver's fatigue level

  • Light sensor – automatically adapts the display backlight to suit the ambient light level in the car

  • Sound sensor – automatically adapts the audible signals to suit the ambient noise level in the car

  • Touch sensor – ensures easy interaction while you drive

  • Intelligent on/off button – the magnetic base acts as an on/off button to conserve battery power when your Anti Sleep Pilot® is not in use 

  • Battery-operated – the Anti Sleep Pilot® uses a standard AAA battery. It is easy to install and does not rely on an in-car charger while you drive