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that your body naturally craves sleep in the afternoon?


Driver fatigue concerns everybody

Anyone can experience driver fatigue - day or night. When we are tired, we perceive things more slowly, make decisions more slowly and act more slowly. It is just as dangerous to drive while suffering from fatigue as driving under the influence of alcohol.

Facts about driver fatigue

20 % of all road accidents are caused by fatigue1 and 60% of all drivers have experienced driver fatigue within the previous year2. No one is exempt from experiencing driver fatigue, whether day or night.

Some factors seriously increase the risk

The Danish Road Safety Council states that the risk of fatigue-related road accidents peaks when you have slept less than six hours, have been awake more than 16 hours or work night shifts. Everyday situations place us at substantial risk behind the wheel.

It's about your most important resource

Internationally there is an increasing awareness of driver fatigue in the media. Companies' responsibility for road safety is now a part of the public agenda and a growing number of companies are assuming greater responsibility for their most valuable resource - their employees.