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that if you close your eyes for just three seconds on a motorway, you will have covered around 100m when you open them again?


Take the first step in becoming a roadworthy company

As a company you have a responsibility for the safety of your employees, particularly when they spend time on the road.
Take responsibility by drawing attention to the dangers of driving when tired and help your employees understand how to protect themselves and others when behind the wheel.

Help start a virtuous circle

A growing number of companies have begun taking an active stance regarding the road safety of their employees. You can do this by communicating a business policy that specifies how employees should behave behind the wheel - whether in a company car or private vehicle.

Your company may also partake in the safety of your employees by creating a policy for road safety which as a minimum deals with speed, the use of seatbelts, the use of mobile phones, attention, fatigue and stress.

Part of an active road safety policy

The Anti Sleep Pilot is a safety solution designed by a Danish company. The product helps dramatically improve the road safety of mobile employees by preventing fatigue-related accidents. This is achieved by maintaining driver focus during the trip. Even the mere presence of the product in the car is a reminder of the company's commitment to employee safety.

From attitude to action

It is about security and safety. It is about taking responsibility and starting a virtuous circle that brings both human and financial gains. Purchasing Anti Sleep Pilot for your employees takes you from attitude to action.

Please Contact us for further information about how we can tailor a solution that will improve the safety of your employees.