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How it works


Calculates when you need a break

The Anti Sleep Pilot automatically registers the conditions that affect your level of tiredness when you drive. It helps you to stay alert while you drive and constantly calculates your fatigue level using reaction times from tests which maintain alertness, among other things. It uses these personalized calculations to recommend that you take a break when you are about to hit a critical driving fatigue level, and thus prevents accidents.

Hand-free mount

For safe driving you must place your iPhone in a car-holder that is easy to see and touch without removing your eyes completely from the road. To avoid draining the battery while using the application we recommend you connect the phone to a power supply.


The first time you use the Anti Sleep Pilot you will be asked to complete a short diagnostic in order to determine your personal risk profile. Several individual profiles can be saved in the application making it simple for many drivers to use the same iPhone.




Calculates your fatigue level

While driving, Anti Sleep Pilot continuously calculates how fatigued you are and keeps you updated of this on its display. The calculation is based on a combination of your personal risk profile, initial fatigue status and accumulated driving data. In all, 26 scientifically identified parameters are used.


Maintains alertness

The Anti Sleep Pilot maintains driver alertness by regularly administering simple tasks that trigger alertness. As the driver, you respond using a simple touch function. The Anti Sleep Pilot records your reaction times and includes these in its calculation of your current fatigue level.

Time for a break

A break of just ten minutes can make all the difference. When your fatigue level begins to reach a critical point the Anti Sleep Pilot uses both audible and visual signals to let you know it's time to take a break.


Did you know,

60% of Americans have driven while feeling sleepy the past year
(Source: National Sleep Foundation, 2005)

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