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Tiredness causes one in every five traffic accidents

Anti Sleep Pilot is the first scientifically based, after-market solution that can help you prevent fatigue related accidents. We all experience tiredness from time to time while driving.  The longer you drive, the greater the risk of becoming tired.  Tiredness and driving form a lethal combination that is responsible for around 20% of all road traffic accidents and 40% of single vehicle accidents1. Find out more about avoiding this dangerous situation – see Driver Fatigue.

Break at the right time

Research has shown with regular stimulation and periodic breaks drivers can prevent driving while tired. The Anti Sleep Pilot App continuously calculates how tired you are, maintains your alertness and lets you know when it is time to take a break.

Unlike other solutions, the Anti Sleep Pilot is not designed to wake you up once you have fallen asleep, as this will often be too late. Instead, Anti Sleep Pilot® App helps you prevent getting into hazardous situations caused by tiredness. That’s why we say: break at the right time.

Anti Sleep Pilot App

The Anti Sleep Pilot application is based on you individually and your unique driving circumstance. The Anti Sleep Pilot application can be used by anyone, as it is customized for each driver and driving situation.

Besides measuring your fatigue level, maintaining your alertness and recommending breaks at the right time, the application offers a number of extra features, for instance: providing driving statistics, visually representing your fatigue level, mapping your route, and more – see Extra Features

The application is based on the same scientific research and patented algorithm as Anti Sleep Pilot and is available for iPhone versions 3GS and 4G. During 2011 other smartphones applications will follow.

 1) Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, Sweden 2008

·         Udsender opmærksomhedstests der fastholder fokus på kørsel og bryder ensformigheden

Did you know,

that figures collated in Sweden indicate that no fewer than up to 40% of all accidents involving just one vehicle are caused by tiredness?
(Source: Väg og Transportinstituttet, Sverige 2008)