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Development of the Anti Sleep Pilot has required cooperation between more than 125 different people within a broad spectrum of specialist disciplines. All of them have worked on the basis of our vision: to reduce the number of accidents caused by driving when tired.

Sleep expertise

The Anti Sleep Pilot has been developed in cooperation with consultant and sleep specialist Ole Nørregaard of Aarhus Hospital. Ole is one of Denmark's top experts on sleep and is often quoted on sleep problems in the media – including DR. He was the deputy chairman of the Danish Sleep Society between 2003 and 2009, he is an experienced lecturer and also has a strong international network of contacts. Ole has carried out an intensive review of the latest research into sleep and road traffic, and scientifically documented the data for the patented Anti Sleep Pilot algorithm. Find out more about the scientific data here.

The latest mechanics/electronics

We have worked in cooperation with our suppliers to use the latest technological knowhow and components when developing the Anti Sleep Pilot. With our ambition to create something unique, this process has made enormous demands of specialist expertise and ability to operate across disciplinary boundaries and with people of different nationalities. Software, hardware and mechanics have all been developed in cooperation with our main suppliers Prevas AB, and CBD A/S.

Did you know,

that research shows that getting less than six hours' sleep a night affects how safe you are to drive?
(Source: AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety)