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that motorists underestimate how many breaks they need?


An accident narrowly avoided

Spring, 2006. Late at night entrepreneur Troels Palshof is on his way home to Århus from a meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark. Halfway through the three-hour drive he falls asleep behind the wheel and is very close to causing an accident. Frightened by the experience the very next day Troels begins to research how to avoid a similar thing from happening again.

Days turn into weeks. The more research Troels does the more evident it becomes that driver fatigue is a huge international problem. It is well documented in numerous academic papers, articles and studies. Furthermore, it is also evident that to the general public there is no available solution that effectively helps drivers to prevent and avoid driver fatigue.

The vision to develop a product that reduces the risk of accidents caused by driver fatigue and, thus, increase road safety is borne out of a frightening personal experience and newly-gained insights. This marks the beginning of the development of the safety product Anti Sleep Pilot®. The product is developed over the course of four years involving more than 125 individuals, including sleep scientists, designers, mathematicians and road traffic and electronics engineers.

The first version of Anti Sleep Pilot® became commercially available in September 2010. Four months later the Anti Sleep Pilot® iPhone app was made available at the iTunes App Store.